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What is 2B4?

(My Principles for NJ4)

“2B4 is the way I believe we should live.”

To be FOR things. Not against them. To be driven by values.
To have the courage to speak up, share, and TALK.

2B4 is about local solutions, entrepreneurship, family businesses, and supporting local talent.

It is about working people. It is about getting our voices back, and getting a fair share for our money.

2B4 is about helping students get out of debt and into jobs and new projects.

2B4 is ensuring that healthcare is both available and affordable, and daring to ask WHY things are so expensive.


2B4 is the support I bring to all sorts of educational and cultural programs for Nj4.


2B4 is the muscle that we bring to Nj4 to create a strong sense of belonging, community, commitment, and connection.


The country is in a time of confusion, but Nj4 can emerge as a model.


A new way of leading. A new way of sharing our talent and using our hearts and minds as citizens.



This is what it means 2B4.


Getting ourselves free of DEBT.
Financing our projects and dreams.
Keeping our money within our communities.
Working for what is both profitable AND “Good.”
Staying connected to our fellow neighbors, friends, customers with respect and tolerance.
Supporting a new approach to public office (participatory democracy).
Remembering: everything can be solved with good questions, careful listening, enthusiasm, and TALK.