New Ideas To Do What’s Right

Environmental Protection and Climate Change

David believes our addiction to oil, gas and coal are killing our planet and harming our health. David is an entrepreneur, and will make renewables a smart choice for businesses and affordable for families to fight climate change and pollution. If we can invest in clean and renewable energy in New Jersey and around the world, we can create jobs, combat climate change, and tackle pollution, all at the same time.

David has worked at Climate Change conferences, the World Economic Forum in Davos, the World Bank, and the United Nations General Assembly. He believes that we need to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords, provide tax credits and incentives for companies that opt for clean energy, and educate our communities on the facts of climate change.


Affordable and Accessible Health Care and Medication

David has published reports on health care, infectious diseases and pollution around the world. He’ll attack rising health care costs and reduce prescription drug prices, so no one has to choose between seeing their doctor, getting the medication they need, and putting food on the table. David is a proponent of New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone’s bill, HR3, the Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act, that will bring down the cost of prescription medicine.


Quality Education

As the son of a public school teacher and a father to three children of his own, David knows education is the key to success. He has a plan to make college affordable for anyone, and to invest in technical training to help kids find a career if college isn’t right for them. He also believes in raising teacher pay and investing more in K-12 education nationwide.

Transparency and Accessibility

David is committed to listening to what the people of our congressional district want and need. He will be accessible throughout the district, with plans to open three different district offices. One of David’s top priorities is to ensure that we are able to provide excellent constituent services to our residents.

Women’s Rights

David is a lifelong champion for female empowerment, helping women around the world start their own businesses and publishing reports on female entrepreneurs. He is committed to fighting for equal pay, for reproductive justice, and for anti-discrimination policies at the federal level.

Gun Violence Prevention

Gun violence is an issue that is preventable, as shown by the countless other nations who have passed gun control legislation that has actually worked. David believes we can uphold the second amendment while passing laws that makes our communities safer. He will advocate to close boyfriend loopholes, mandate universal background checks, and work to ensure that there are severe legal ramifications for gun sellers who choose not to follow the law. 

Taking Care of Our Veterans

Our veterans have put their lives on the line to keep our country safe. We must ensure that we are taking care of them when they come home. We must provide the necessary resources to take care of them. David will work to ensure that there is a Veteran Advocate here in the 4th Congressional District whose sole focus is advocating for our veterans. He will also work to tackle high Veteran suicide rates and untreated mental illness, as well as ensure all Veterans are getting their VA benefits and seeing shorter wait times. Lastly, David will work to end chronic Veteran homelessness, because no one who has fought for our country should live on the streets. 

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