Due to the COVID-19 emergency the political activities of this campaign have been suspended. I am devoting my efforts to helping people with medical assistance, food, friendship, and uplifting stories. I’m also supporting small and local businesses with creative ideas. Text me at (732) 757-8887 if you need a hand. — David

“It’s time for Washington to do

what’s right for us instead of

more of the same”

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Our District, Our Lives

It is time to take real steps to preserve the future we want. We need to think about our children, our parents, our friends, and our community. That means we need to do more than just fix today’s potholes (which we need to fix!). We need to anticipate and start creating new types of jobs. We need to attract start-ups. We need to think BIG. Tomorrow is upon us.

The 43 municipalities and 700,000 residents in NJ4 are linked by the one person we send to Washington to represent us. I want our District to be more than an abstract line boundary. I want NJ4 to be a part of our identity. A set of ideas. A feeling. We may not be able to fix everything, but if we work together, we can make a big impact. It means something to live and work here. It’s worth defending. It’s worth staying. And I want to make NJ4 work for all of us.

Together, I am confident we can transform our ideas into brilliant results.

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