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We can fix this if we TALK!

— David Applefield, Candidate for U.S Congress (NJ4)

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We can fix this if we TALK!

— David Applefield, Candidate for U.S Congress (NJ4)

We are the success we have been waiting for.

It’s Our FUTURE: NJ4 as a Model for the Nation

It is time to take real steps to preserve the future we want. We need to think about our kids and our parents. And our grandkids! That means we need to do more than just fix today’s potholes (which we need to fix!). We need to anticipate and start creating new types of jobs. We need to attract interesting new start-ups. We need to think BIG. Tomorrow is upon us. New, clean industries. Training. Exchange programs. Water management. Clean energy.

It’s Our District, Our Lives

We need to belong. We need to make NJ4 matter. We need a sense of place. A congressional district should mean something. The 43 municipalities in NJ4 are linked by the one person our 700 000 residents send to Washington to represent us. I want Nj4 to be more than an abstract line boundary. I want Nj4 to be a part of our identity. A set of ideas. A feeling. We may not be able to fix everything, as the United States faces national challenges, but we can fix a lot right here. But first, we need to make sure we belong to an Nj4 that fulfills our goals and aspirations. It means something to live and work here. It’s worth defending. It’s worth staying. It’s ours! Nj4: It’s our brand. It works for us.

It’s Our Money, Our Brand

As digital devices continue to run more and more aspects of our lives, we see how the digital age and the progress that comes with it is a double-edge sword. We like our Google Maps and our voice recognition. We like having live video conversations with our kids and siblings and parents. But we don’t want to become digital slaves. We don’t work for the machines, and we don’t want the companies that own the machines to own us either. Our identity is important. Our privacy matters. We like our free time.

What once was News is now mostly noise. What once was conversation is mostly marketing. Our elections have been tampered with. Our television channels serve us totally different versions of the world. Real and fake are mixed in a blender. How are we supposed to stay sane?

The one thing we continue to control is our power as consumers. Our choice of how we spend our money.

What if Nj4 was more than a district? What if it were our brand? And the brand meant something about integrity and truth, about quality, about reliability. Let’s brand the district so that products and services with the Nj4 label mean that they are local, and they are sustainable, and that they are committed to helping us all live better, save more, share more, care more. Let’s get richer together, in lots of ways, materially, as a community. Wealth can be measured by the amount of cash in your bank account. The goodness in your heart. The joy you get by being part of a group.

Let’s not let the square footage of our houses, or the kind of car you drive be the way we measure our wealth.

I have ideas for Nj4.

Together, I am confident we can transform our ideas into brilliant results.

— David Applefield, Candidate for New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District

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